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As a professional LSP originating from Hong Kong, Wit Translation & Consulting Co., Ltd. (“Wit”) has built up a proven track record in the past several years. With the principal operations of financial and legal as well as marketing translations, Wit is also engaged in transcreation, copywriting and other related fields. Leveraging the strong resource platform of Hong Kong, Europe and America, and the booming export-oriented economy in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Wit dynamically taps robust markets of global financial and legal sectors by its keen business insight and well-trained team, thus, winning the extensive trust and recognition from clients both at home and abroad.

Currently supported by over hundreds of senior editors and experienced linguists, Wit enjoys a high-caliber translation team of dozens of professionals. Pursuant to the business philosophy of “quality-based and customer-focused”, Wit strictly controls the project management process and real-time tracking systems of translation and copywriting works, and succeeds in establishing long-term strategic partnership with an array of listed companies and overseas award-winning clients.

Philosophy & Vision

With the tenet of professionalism brightening future and meticulousness leading to success, Wit is well placed to become a peerless translation service provider in China by way of providing premium language service to clients in all walks of life.

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